To Stephen DiDomizio, Hy Fishoff and anyone else with the courage to serve our country.
To the brave families who support those who serve.
To the kiddies who patiently wait for their military moms and dads to return home to tuck them in at night and read them a bedtime story.
Be strong!

Meet the Pops Series of Books

Flag Day Every Day

A hardworking family, Lolly, Cherry, Soda, and Coco Pop own a farm where they harvest yummy lollipops, fresh candy corn, and a variety of other sweet treats. On Pops’ farm, herds of strawberry and chocolate milk cows and cotton-candy sheep roam the countryside.

Holidays are important to the family, and Flag Day is no exception. In this edition of Meet the Pops™, author Belinda Barbieri serves up another delicious family treat in this picture book for children. Through words and illustrations, she explains the origin of the American Flag and what the stars and stripes represent. Flag Day Every Day delights and educates while promoting exemplary child behavior. It encourages patriotism and teaches children about veterans who will always be there to help protect them and keep them safe

Meet the Pops

Author Belinda Barbieri’s Meet the Pops is a delicious family treat.

The Pops' Farm is magical with lots of surprises in store for both the young and young-at-heart.  Chances are you've never set your eyes on a flock of cotton-candy sheep or a herd of chocolate or strawberry milk cows.  They are all part of this special farm.

Meet the Pops is a sweet story meant to delight and educate your family. It uses entertainment to promote exemplary child behavior at home, school, and just about anywhere.

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